Welcome to Worship Rehearsal Tracks

* Learn individual instrument parts for worship

* Instrument up, down and full mix included in each purchase

* Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Piano versions available

* Learn songs in congregation friendly keys

* Recordings from the award winning iSingWorship and Worship Lyric Videos 

* PDF chord charts (with capo versions) included

* Free song available to try out (find out more)

Are you a musician who would like to improve your playing in order to be inspired and inspire others in worship? Our vision is to help and encourage you to develop your God given ability. This easy to use and practical way to rehearse enables you to play at home, but with an amazing band at your fingertips. Perhaps you need everyone in the worship team to learn a new song for Sunday or maybe you just want to take your playing to the next level.


This is a great way to give each musician a head start with tailor made versions of each song for each instrument ie "Guitar up", "Guitar off" and "Full version" for reference along with a Lyrics & chord chart. 


Why not try practising with Worship Rehearsal Tracks? It could revolutionise the way you prepare for Sunday, improve your playing and inspire you to spend more time worshiping our wonderful God.


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