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Many churches are beginning to meet together in person again and are incorporating live musicians into their services. Worship Rehearsal Tracks provide musicians with a really simple way to learn instrumental parts and achieve excellence in their playing. All the song arrangements found in Worship Rehearsal Tracks are the same as those found in iSingWorship, Worship Lyric Videos and MultiTracks For Worship.

There are drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano parts available and individual players can practice at home safe in the knowledge that when they come back together, they will all be playing exactly the same arrangements therefore avoiding any musical clashes.

Each song from Worship Rehearsal Tracks comes with 3 separate mixes. Firstly, a part up mix for learning by listening to your instrument part exposed. Secondly, a part down mix so that you can play along live with the other instruments playing and finally, a full mix to hear how the original sounds when everything is played together. Chord charts are also included (in PDF format) making the entire learning process really simple and intuitive.


Worship Rehearsal Tracks are really helpful both when preparing your team for in person church services and for live streaming. 


The team behind Worship Rehearsal Tracks are the same people responsible for the award winning iSingWorship app as well as Worship Lyric Videos and MultiTracks For Worship. Worship Rehearsal Tracks is a partner of The Worship Zone. Our head office and recording studio is based in Worcestershire (UK).

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