About Us

Worship Rehearsal Tracks is a partner of The Worship Zone (www.theworshipzone.com). Our other projects include iSingWorship, Worship Lyric Videos and MultiTracks For Worship.


The Team

Mark Pennells: Project Management

Zarc Porter: Music Production

Josephine Harper: Publishing & Admin

Helen Dean: Promotional & Admin


The music featured in Worship Rehearsal Tracks is produced by a fantastic team of musicians and singers including:

Zarc Porter (production, keyboards, mixing), Andy Green (arrangements, keyboards), Dan Wheeler (guitars), Paul Evans (drums), Mark Prentice (bass), David Guest (bass), Doug Walker (vocals), Neil Wilson (vocals), Quinton Delport (vocals), John Wright (vocals), Nic Scholey (vocals), Beth Ellis (vocals), Sarah Bird (vocals), Shell Perris (vocals), Drake Lanier (vocals), Nicki Rogers (vocals), Claire Bramwell (vocals), Lucy-Jayne Lanier (vocals), Pete Treble (guitars), Neil Costello (guitars), Paul Bell (guitars), Dave Woodman (guitars), Mark Edwards (keyboards), Steve Brown (keyboards), Isaac Porter (keyboards, programming), Paul Matinzi (keyboards, programming), Nathan Entwistle (bass), Phil Crabbe (drums), Andy Hutton (drums), John Pullen (drums), Dan Bowater (production), Dan Stirling (programming, guitars)

Worship Rehearsal Tracks is part of The Worship Zone Ltd