Frequently asked questions

What's included with each Worship Rehearsal Tracks purchase?

Each Worship Rehearsal Track purchase comes with 3 different mixes. One with your chosen instrument part turned up in the mix for simple listening and learning, another with the same part turned off for playing along with the remaining instruments and finally a full mix for reference. Where relevant, you also get the lyric and chord sheet, complete with any relevant capo versions.

Are these tracks the same as those used in the iSingWorship app, Worship Lyric Videos and MultiTracks For Worship?

Yes, all these projects use the same recordings but in different formats. For example, you could use Worship Rehearsal Tracks for your worship team members to learn their various parts and then use the corresponding MultiTrack version (available from to add some extra elements the leading worship in church. You could also use them to learn parts from iSingWorship and then play along using the app later.

I am having a problem purchasing or downloading the tracks, what should I do?

Worship Rehearsal Tracks are sold by the online store, Wayopay. If you have any issues to do with purchasing, billing or downloading, please email them at

Does my church's CCLI number cover the use of these tracks in rehearsals?

Yes, if your church has a CCLI number, you are covered to use these tracks for church rehearsals.

How can I see my historic purchases (and re-download them if needed)?

You can sign into your account with our partner retailer, Wayopay where you will be able to see and download your original purchases along with any updated videos:


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