Rehearse - equip yourself and your team for amazing rehearsals!

During our many years working in music ministry, we have seen many teams leading worship with good intentions, but without proper preparation and rehearsal. A great worship band requires thought, preparation and of course individual as well as team practice. Playing your part well in the worship team whether you are the team leader or a team player requires some thought and willingness to improve through regular rehearsal. Do you ever question what, how and when you should be playing? Worship Rehearsal Tracks can give you a big head start. It is really easy to use, simply select the song of your choice and your instrument, from the growing library of specially recorded material and follow this suggested individual rehearsing method.

First listen through the "Full version" of the song to get a feel for the arrangement maybe a couple of times then listen to the "Up" version for your particular instrument eg "Piano up". Listen and play taking short sections at a time then when you feel confident use the "Off" version eg "Piano off" to experience playing with the full band. Refer back to the "Up" version for any sections you feel unsure about until you feel comfortable with the whole song. If you are a worship team leader then this is also a great way of giving everyone in the team an excellent arrangement and practice method before your team rehearsal and well ahead of Sunday.

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